Rolling into Fall

The summer is passing quickly and our travels have taken us far from the sultry heat of Austin. We had a great time playing around Colorado, Northern California, and Arizona, seeing old friends and making new ones along the way. Now, well into our East Coast tour, we will be heading all the way up to Maryland, Maine and will stop over in Ottawa on our way back to Austin! Two more weeks to go and I imagine the pumpkins and spiced candles and coffees will be abundant when we return. In addition to the Wheel gigs, I'm looking forward to some solo shows coming up this fall, so please check back here as I will be making some announcements soon! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my site and I'll see you down the road..

My old friend and new partner in crime on the road, Emily Gimble. Taken in Turkey, Tx for the upcoming tribute to Bob Wills record.